You may be wondering, what will the panel be?? when will we get the servers? or anything else. I will try answer all that here.

When do we get the servers?

My guess is 29th december. It could come on the 28th or 27th, but it will need a few extra days to get set up, so it could be longer as im planning to get one from Australia. As time goes on, i will get more servers.

Yay! We are on the frontpage of google!

Dont speak too soon, you cant access it via google, you can find why below. I am trying to fix this.

Why does it say SSL handshake failed when i type

Well, that was fixed very quickly. I had to add the www subdomain on CloudFlare and point it to the website. That seems to fix everything!

Possible resource shortages?

I am afraid yes, although soon i may make a donation page, and then once we get enough donations, we can get enough servers, stopping the resource shortage.

Why does the website look like someone mashed a bunch of text into it?

Hopefully i will soon clean it up and make it look nicer. Sorry if you dont like the color scheme or how messy it looks.